I absolutely hate when someone—especially someone you care about—gets mad then acts like it’s your fault. 

*loses your panties*

You always do smh.

Nobody gotta tell me how to do it
I told ‘em from the start, I can hold it down;
I can’t even lie, I’m the truest, Put that on everything. 😍😘🙊💋✨

Today. 😘

And it’s like the strobe lights not as bright as you are, you’re the only one I can see from afar. 😍😍

Aye baybeh. 😍✌️#tonight

#MCM Is Erick’s punk ass. 😍🙊😌

Say I look so good tonight 😏
God damn, God damn, God damn! #flawless #music #beyonce 😌🙈🙊

You light me up inside
Like the 4th of July
Whenever you’re around
I always seem to smile
And people ask me how
Well you’re the reason why
I’m dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower ☺️😊😄😍😘😜😝

Had an awesome day with my #bae Sammy. 😄😄