#dinner #foodporn Breaded chicken and pasta made by moi.


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There’s only 2 types of guys out there; The ones that can hang with me and the ones that are scared. 😘💋🔥 #selfie #teen #cute #smile #idk

This girl… I’ve said I can’t go on with school, I can’t do it anymore, this life isn’t for me anymore… She’d reply with “Stop your bitching, yes you can!” She’s my loner, my right hand, my lesbian lover when dudes hit on me. She’s my guardian angel, where we’d drag each other to class against our will, when we’d skip our study halls and run from hall monitors during it lol. She’s one of my favorite memories of high school. I’ll miss you babygirl. Keep your head up, keep moving forward and don’t look back!! #proudofher #classof2014

Don’t turn your back on the love of your life for the hoe of the night. 😙✌️ #lifefacts #qotd